Enhancing Loyalty in Luxury Travel

Leading Luxury Travel Brand

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7 week engagement with a leading luxury travel company that provides its members with access to a curated collection of vacation homes, hotels, resorts, and experiences around the world. It operates on a membership-based model, where members pay an annual fee to gain access to their collections.

What I Did

Designed the native version of a new booking feature ahead of it’s product wide launch while creating a parallel mobile design system that was critical to increasing customer retention.

Leading Luxury Travel Brand
7 weeks
UX/UI Design, UX Research, Prototyping, User Testing, Design Systems



To increase member retention and offer more flexibility in the booking process, this leading luxury travel brand created a new feature that provides members with a set number of credits each month to book with so they can travel more frequently.
With an accelerated 7 week timeline ahead of the feature launch and the companies initial public offering (IPO), they needed;
A native focused design that enhances users ability to find and book more trips with the new feature
Understanding users mental modals & comprehension of the new feature
Fill a gap in the existing Digital Design System with a mobile design system


Any solutions first needed to be informed by identifying key features most valuable to our user and then structure the information architecture, navigation, and content around those same solutions.
Align Stakeholders
User Touchpoints
Since this initiative was running in parallel to critical business and corporate level objectives, we facilitated an assumptions mapping workshop to uncover insights and mitigate any risks about the product that non-design stakeholders may have had.
To identify any potential pain points or opportunities in the booking process, we completed informational architecture with Interaction Maps and App Maps and completed heuristic audits of the existing app to fill in the picture of the customer journey. 
To assess users mental modals of using this new feature and booking with the existing process, we conducted unmoderated and remote usability tests with questions generated from stakeholder interviews.  
Insights & Recommendations
Importance of a robust and clear filtering system would be crucial for the success of the new feature
Reduce cognitive load and increase comprehension of the new feature through more branded iconography, priming and in context use cases


Through multiple rounds of revisions with product and development stakeholders, we not only shipped the designs for the new feature experience but also handed off a new mobile design system to fill a gap in their larger existing DDS.
Booking Path
Mobile Design System
Snapshot of some of the components from the mobile dds